Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Panorama With the Mountaineering Class

It started out as a very snowy morning as everyone groggily got all their gear ready for the climb up Panorama peak. We loaded up the vehicles and started our drive down the Parks Highway only stopping at the Miner's Market to get delicious breakfast sandwiches. After satisfactorily stuffing ourselves we continued on our way and marveled at how much the weather had cleared up during out drive. When we arrived at the peak we gathered up our gear again and hiked our way over to the base. We strapped on our crampons pulled out our mountain axes and started our assent. It was fantastically warm, with a nice view of the surrounding area. After much huffing and puffing the summit was achieved. To everyone's dismay the summit was shrouded in clouds. We then carefully picked out way back down steep slopes. After everyone gathered back at the vehicles wet with sweat and smiling from the accomplishment, we took off back to the University with a quick bathroom break at Miner's Market and concluded the trip on a successful and happy note.

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